trikini secrets are a unique enhancer designed for use in bikini's and swimming
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Silicone Breast Enhancers

Secrets Trikini silicone bra inserts are ideal for bikini style beach and swim wear / swimming.

Triangle foam or silicone enhancers and inserts for bikini sets or two-piece swimming costumes

Triangular silicone breast enhancers specially developed to fit into a regular bikini style top. Two options available one smaller recommended for bust sizes AA to B cup sizes and 32 to 34" bra band sizes and one larger size for creating a bigger bustline. Please read full specifications at our partner site

Wear triangle secrets in your Bikini bra to boost overall bust size significantly.

Trikini silicone bra inserts are currently unavailable. This product should be back in stock soon

Triangle shaped silicone enhancers are the perfect solution for creating a larger natural looking bustline with fashionable beach wear bikini's. Anatomically designed to fit over the breasts for perfect breast enhancement that looks and feels totally natural.

Quickly warming to your body temperature your enhancers will feel completely natural.
Suitable for most Bikini style tops and bra's except very small micro size styles.

To avoid embarrassing pop-outs, always ensure your bikini is a snug fit.

Fitting Instructions:

  1. Your enhancers should align with the edges of the Bikini bra so that they are fully covered.
  2. Experiment with the placement of your silicone enhancers until you have the best position in your bra / best effect.
  3. Adjust your natural breast and bra so there is a full and smooth line in the bra cup.
BoobyBits says...
Triangular shaped Silicone or lightweight foam bikini inserts are shaped enhancers made to fit into bikini bra style tops and most popular underwired  or two-piece swimsuits - ideal for beachwear and swimwear even when swimming or just spending time in the water.

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Q: I need inserts for my bathing suit / swimming costume / bikini! 

A: Virtually all inserts will work just fine as they are either waterproof silicone or washable foam. For best results, your bikini or swim costume should offer figure hugging bust support; either underwired or with built in shelf. Trikini Secrets are specifically designed to suit modern Bikini style swimwear. Obviously, if you are looking to wear a micro-bikini you are not going to have too many options!

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