Symbols silicone nipple enhancers false and perky nipples
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Silicone nipple enhancers: False silicone nipples.

Symbols Silicone Nipples in Flesh Tone & Natural Brown colours

Soft realistic silicone nipplesSymbols Silicone Nipple Enhancers. Use for fun or titillation – you decide.
Designed to add distinction and shape, worn over your natural breast.
Easy to apply: No adhesive necessary if used with an silicone enhancer or synthetic breast form. We recomend a small piece of dress hold-up tape if using directly on the breast.

Symbols measure 1-½ inches across (38mm) with a finely feathered edge representing the areola. The actual nipple measures approximately 3/8inch (10mm) across.

Symbols are very realistic and great fun, they can be worn in a figure-hugging top or placed inside your bra to give instant effect. Symbols really do look like semi-erect nipples, and being made of medical grade silicone are very soft, lifelike and safe.
Take a few seconds to make sure you have your 'Symbols' correctly placed and away you go.



: Flesh tone
Size WxH :

Areola: 1-1/2" (38mm), Nipple: 3/8" (10mm) size details may change without notice.

Volume : N/A
Weight : N/A
Style : Non-adhesive silicone nipples
Size guide : Considered to be an 'average nipple size'. Represents a semi erect nipple
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BoobyBits says...

This is a premium grade product. Made form a good quality silicone and with good detail. Use to create realistic looking nipples under sheer or not so sheer clothing or from within a bra. Can be used with enhancers and prosthetic breast form using adhesive tapes.

Silicone nipples for fun or titillation!

Q: My nipples are Pierced, will I be able to breastfeed when the time comes?

A: Yes. Most 'regular' nipple rings and bars do not create problems, unless you have had or built up to some of the more extreme piercings. Normally, the piercing necessary to wear ordinary nipple jewellery will not present a problem. Of course, it will be necessary to remove the piercing to breastfeed. However, extreme nipple modification and multi-piercing can cause problems and may make it difficult or even impossible for baby to 'latch on' and breastfeed.

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