Suspender belts, with 4, 6 and 8 strap suspenders in black, red and white colours
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Fine quality suspender belts to partner with your fabulous stockings. Choose traditional 4 strap or better still go for 6 or 8 strap varieties. There are suspender belts and there are suspender belts. The silly things that are commonly available in 4 strap styles from some less serious suppliers are pretty much not worth the investment. We highly recommend 6 straps and taking a look at some of the absolute gems we have here - you won’t be disappointed, of this we are sure!
Suspender belts in traditional, vintage and modern 4, 6, 8, 10 and even 12 strap designs. Suspender belts of the highest quality at the best prices!

BoobyBits says...

Luxury, high quality suspender belts, designed to secure your stockings comfortably all day and without drama. Sensual beautiful legs adorned with the every finest stockings and secured by the most excellent suspenders to give confidence and practicality in beautiful leg-wear.

What Katie Did Harlow Suspender Belt Bra and Panties

Q: Real stockings are are prone to laddering aren't they?

A: Oh dear, there goes another old wives tale! Actually no, even 'real Silk's are really quite durable, probably as safe or safer than ordinary nylons you just need to be careful with ragged or chipped nails when putting them on or taking them off!

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