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When you need a bra without shoulder straps the strapless bra is the tool for the job! Look here to find a really good looking bra to go with your revealing top or dress.

Strapless Bra's - when you do not want shoulder straps spoiling the look of your fabulous outfit!

BoobyBits says...

Certain tops and dresses just don't look right when your bra shoulder straps are visible. The answer and cure for this is the Strapless Bra. With a well designed bra, your fabulous off the shoulder dress or top will look stunning

Wonderbra Uprising Seamless Strapless Push Up Bra

Q: I am looking for a totally strapless and backless bra so that I can look like a real natural beauty in my fab new dress, trouble is so revealing, low cut front and back - are there any options for me that will provide a little bust support and conceal unruly nipples - lol?

A: The good news is YES, there some very useful options here at For truly invisible support we definitely recommend the Braza products as they do work and are well proven. For larger bust sizes above a C Cups with a very revealing dress and / or plunging neck line, it is possible to double up on the Braza Reveal (if you are feeling a little creative with the scissors). This will give support and concealment. medium bust sizes with no so revealing dresses or tops can use the super brilliant Braza Bra. This provides great support with gossamer thin disposable bra and of course keeps unruly nipples concealed!

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