Secret shapers are high quality full cup breast enhancers for the larger bust
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Use Secret Shapers to boost your natural silhouette

Secret Shapers A to D Cup

Full Cup Silicone Enhancers


Secret Shapers are ideal enhancers for A to C cups where a subtle boost to shape and size is required.

Secret Shapers full cup silicone breast enhancers are especially designed to add boost by covering the bust. Shapers are hollow to fit over your breasts and 'mould' to your natural bustline, at the same time giving support and a younger more pert looking silhouette.

A fabulous new product offering enhancement, lift and a great silhouette for women with larger bust sizes up to 'DD' cups.

You can achieve a contoured sleek bustline by wearing Secret shapers in a well fitting quality bra. Recommended for bust sizes from ‘A’ to ‘D’ and 32 to 36 bra band sizes to offer around 1-cup size of enhancement.

Quickly warming to your body temperature they will feel completely natural.
Suitable for underwire, push-up or plunge bras.




Clear Silicone and others.

Size WxH :

6" x 5 "  (15cm x 12.5cm approx)

Volume : 250cc.
Weight : 350g (pair).
Style : Full Cup Enhancers
Size guide : A to D Cups fitting

Fitting Instructions:

  1. Place Shapers close to the bottom of your breasts near the under wire band of your bra. Check that the finely feathered edges are not wrinkled or becoming trapped under your bra band.
  2. Turn Secret Shapers until you have the best position in your bra / on your breast.
  3. Adjust your natural breast and bra so there is a full and smooth line in the bra cup.
Fuller shaped Enhancers designed to provide a fabulously pert and enhanced bustline

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Keep an eye our for little pearls of wisdom!

Q: I read that Bra's can cause breast cancer, surely this is not true?  

A: Actually, there is some fairly compelling research which does suggest that restricting the flow of Lymph fluid around the breasts (as caused by wearing a bra many hours a day for years on end), can cause the onset of breast disease or even breast cancer. Don't let this worry you however, the simple answer is to get out of your bra when ever possible, i.e. evenings, weekends when on free-time, holidays, etc.

The group of women found to be most highly at risk were those who wore their bras for over 12 hours a day or who additionally wore a bra to bed!

Q: OK, what is Lymph Fluid then?

A: Basically, the Lymph system works 'twenty four seven' removing toxins from your body which would otherwise be stored in body tissues, eventually causing problems. If the lymph fluid and glands are restricted they are not going to be able to do their job properly. Unlike your Blood, Lymph fluid relies on the free movement of your body to circulate as their is no pump or 'heart' to pump it around.


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