Lightweight medium size silicone breast and cleavage enhancer bra inserts
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Xtra Light Inserts

Silicone Breast Enhancers...

New lightweight Inserts. Pop them into your bra for an instant boost to your bustline, natural silhouette and cleavage

Xtra Light bra inserts for B to D Cups

Extra Light Silicone Breast Enhancers

Lightweight bust enhancing products to replace the Satin Secrets now available. We will let you know if the original Satin Secrets become available again.
Recommended for bust sizes ‘B’ to ‘D’ and can give around a 1-cup size enhancement and lift.
Filled with a special lightweight silicone to combine the unique shape of the well known 'Satin Secret's' with the very latest silicone technology.
Wear Xtra Light enhancers in the lower section of your bra, underneath the breast, to give extra volume and cleavage with a super soft satin feel against your skin. Quickly warming to your body temperature your enhancers will feel completely natural.
Suitable for underwire, push-up or plunge bras. To enhance cleavage wear in your regular bra size. To increase bust size wear in a bra one cup size larger.

Product details




Size WxH :

6-1/4" x 3-1/2"  (15.5cm x 9cm approx)

Volume : 100cc.
Weight : 190g (pair). approx.
Style : Chicken Fillet shape light weight silicone enhancers
Size guide : B to D Cup fitting

Fitting Instructions:

  1. The heaviest part of the enhancer should always sit closest to the under band of your bra.
  2. Place the enhancers inside the bra, with the indented or 'scooped out' portion underneath the breast.
  3. Adjust your natural breast and bra so there is a full and smooth line in the bra cup.

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Lightweight silicone bra inserts
Enhancers Fitting guide


BoobyBits says...

These Xtra Light lightweight slicone enhancers are a very nice quality silicone enhancer with a lovely soft, silky feel.

Feeling Very natural in use, they give a great push-up effect for an amazing cleavage and / or a real boost when placed directly under the bust.

The New lightweight silicone is a real plus and fells very good in the bra and against the skin.

Super product and a great value price.

Read my Tips - keep an eye out around the site!

Keep an eye our for little pearls of wisdom!

Q: Does it matter what type of bra I wear my silicone enhancers with?

A: A couple of pointers... Your enhancers should fit into the bra without spilling out; please study our item sizes / details carefully to make sure you have the correct enhancer for the style of bra you intend to use. Your bra must provide good support bearing in mind the extra weight and bulk, especially if using larger silicone enhancers. Your bust enhancers should be hidden within the bra completely to ensure a smooth edge and wrinkle free bustline.

N.B. Do not wear silicone breast enhancers in a clapped out bra - you are almost certainly going to have an embarrassing 'pop-out!

Underwire support is recommended.

Q: How often should I replace my bra; I have been told they should be replaced every 3 months?

A: Bra's can tend to go past their best without you realising! As a rough guide it is best to replace every 6 months, especially bra's that are in daily use. Apart from fading which you may or may not consider important, the support can be degraded as the elasticity is gradually lost. In time almost all bra's become a little saggy. Throw away your tired, grey, overwashed and poorly fitting bra's and treat yourself to some lovely new ones today - give yourself a lift in more ways than one!

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