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BoobyBits has picked out the very best Post Surgery and Mastectomy bras for you. Check out our special recommendation below. Superb products so you can look your absolute best!

A fabulous Pocket Bra is also an excellent solution for women who have boobies which are not a perfectly matching set, in other words suffering from breast asymmetry. It is easy with a pocket bra to solve this imbalance. Just insert a suitable lightweight enhancer in the 'pocket' on smaller side to get a good even balance.

Having had breast surgery for whatever personal reason, one requires a very special and of course very comfortable bra.
The BoobyBits TOP Post Mastectomy / Surgery Bra Recommendations - See below

BoobyBits says...

It's astonishing how things have moved on in this area of the lingerie world. We are very grateful to be able to present a selection of beautiful and very practical and most importantly, 'comfortable' post mastectomy / post breast surgery bra's. Delightful choices now available in special pocketed, non wired bra's and of course catering for larger cup sizes. Good news for women searching for a good looking, super comfortable post breast surgery bra.

Royce Post Surgery Bra in Blue

Q: Help! I can't find a well fitting, and most importantly, comfortable mastectomy or post breast surgery bra. I cant wear a regular bra at present and until my various reconstructive surgeries are completed; I was recommended to try what appears to be a glorified boob tube but that just squeezed my boobs together and was plain uncomfortable - can you suggest anything?

A: Ahh, now we know just how you feel, this is indeed a frustrating search for many women! I am happy to report that quality bras of this type do exist and even better still if you are 'E' cup or larger, we have the most incredible bargain available right here, just see our top link on this page. For smaller and regular cup sizes, we are very happy to recomend the super good looking bra' as we have also listed here.