Large secrets are the biggest of the classic chicken fillet style bra inserts
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Large Silicone Breast Enhancers

Use Large silicone enhancers of bra inserts to boost your natural silhouette

Large Silicone Breast Enhancers / Bra inserts

Large size silicone breast enhancers. Recommended for those craving a larger bustline. This is not an exact science, we recomend choosing an enhancer of at least 200cc if looking to boost from say a B cup to a D or perhaps use 400g enhancer to boost to say a E or F cup..

These 'Large' size silicone breast enhancers or bra inserts are Suitable for 32, 34 & 36 inch Bra 'back band' sizes and ideal for boosting up toC, D, DD, E, F and beyond bra cup sizes. Of course you may need to select a new bra to fit these bad boys and this may take to some to get right.



Silicone Fitting Instructions:

  1. Place the enhancers close to the bottom of your breasts near to the under band of your bra (bottom edge of bra cup). Check that the finely feathered edges do not wrinkle or become trapped under your bra band.
  2. Experiment with the placement of your Secrets until you have the best position in your bra / best effect.
  3. Adjust your natural breast and bra so there is a full and smooth line in the bra cup.
All silicone bust enhancers and bra inserts contain a special soft silicone which enables the enhancer to be flexible and mould to the bust unlike some products which contain a semi-rigid silicone.

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Q: Does it matter what colour enhancers I choose?  

A: As they will be worn concealed within a bra, the colour is not really significant. Most women prefere clear silicone.

Q: My friend has a small chest but has an 'eye popping' cleavage - how can I create this?

A: Even with a small bust it is possible to create a fab cleavage. Most silicone enhancers or bra inserts can be installed to the side of the bra causing your breasts to push up and to the centre - wow!

Also, if you like open back tops and dresses you can create this look using the NEW Eve's Bra adhesive bra.

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