Eve's bra mini adhesive re-usable stick on bra silicone nipple bra covers
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Adhesive Nipple Bra's
Re-usable adhesive silicone micro bra / nipple covers

Eve's Mini Nipple Bra

Eve's Mini adhesive braEve's Mini Bra is a set of two smooth silicone based self-adhesive micro bra / nipple covers.

Supplied ina nice neutral nude colour, Eve's Mini Bra adhesive system is a very easy and affective way to conceal and control unwanted nipple protrusion when wearing sheer or tight clothing. With a handy plastic tray for storage your covers will be stored safely and ready for reuse over and over!

Product Features:

  • Conceal nipple and prevent 'poke through' with shear materials - keeping unruly nipples under control!
  • Large enough to cover and conceal most nipple and areola
  • One size fits all
  • Carry case included
  • Top value adhesive Mini Bra

Note: Adhesive products are not recommended for use with sensitive skin types.





Size WxH :

Circular (flower shape) 60mm wide

Material : Supersoft Silicone
Weight : N/A
Style : Adhesive Mini Nipple Bra / Nipple covers
Size : One size fits all
Eves Mini Bra



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Fitting Instructions:
  1. Clean the surrounding skin and nipple area to ensue no residue of lotion or other cosmetic products  
  2. Ensure skin is dry before application  
  3. Offer Mini Bra to the bust firmly, ensuring correct positioning to cover completely nipple & areola  
  4. Smooth down to ensure a complete application  
  5. Remove before retiring
  6. Please follow the user instructions fully.

Eve's Mini Bra is a single user product: Please do not share. Once opened and used Eve's Mini Bra cannot be returned for exchange or refund.

Care instructions:

Eve's Mini Bra can be gently hand washed in warm soapy water and left to 'air dry'. Take care to ensure no lint, fluff or dust is allowed to stick to the adhesive surface. Store in the case provided between use.

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Eve's Mini Bra with carry case & packaging

BoobyBits says...

Okay, so why would you want such a tiny bra?

After all, it only covers the nipple and areola (in most cases, completely). Well actually, we think this is a good question. Modesty dictates that one should not 'overshow' which normally means not having any nipple area on display. Certain beaches however, may or may not tolerate this level of exposure so you will need to be sure before going so minimalist with your selection of bra. In other cases, these silicone covers afford just enough cover to prevent nipple poke through with sheer clothing and tops. Also, a good option to use for the Sun Bed to prevent over exposure to the nipples.

Beware cheap (or expensive) imitations - Eve's Mini Bra is perfect!

Q: I Need a micro sized re-usable adhesive bra to cover my nipples and give a nice smooth line! 

A: Eve's Mini Bra is a tiny re-usable silicone nipple bra, perfect for that sheer look in figure hugging clothes when you need a smooth but natural looking bustline!

Eve's Mini Bra covers even the largest the nipple and areola so that there is no definition under see-through or very sheer clothing. Perfect for slinky evening wear. Eve's Mini bra also provides some subtle enhancement.


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