Traditional and adhesive stick on strapless backless cleavage boosting A to K cups bra
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Eves Bra Adhesive Bra's
Re-usable backless, strapless stick on adhesive bras and super high quality strapless options for larger busts from A to K cups

Backless bra's for A to K cups

Adhesive bra's are available to provide a very nice backless support for the bust. Some options are based around a non silicone based backless, strapless self-adhesive or stick on style of bra. Other options especially those for the larger bust are a little more traditional and are not adhesive based. However, they are still excellent at providing a near invisible support for many low back or low fronted dresses or tops.

Fab self-adhesive bra's are the perfect solution for wearing under backless and strapless dresses, party dresses, boob tubes and any kind of sheer or revealing garments to provide support and of course create a magnificent cleavage.

The feeling of freedom while wearing a quality adhesive bra makes it a must-have for smaller to medium bust sizes.

The adhesive styles can be used to enhance the bust line and cleavage by positioning the cups in a V shape. The more traditional larger sized backless verisons can of course be used with silicone bra inserts to increase cleavage to suit the mood required.

Please see our hand picked backless brassiere selections below from top line, trusted suppliers.

Strapless bra's to provide secret support for back sizes 30 to 38 and A cups to G

100 % medical approval. Eve's Bra doesn't cause skin allergies*, skin irritations or any kind of discomfort. N.B. Some women may find they have very sensitive skin, in these cases even Eve's Bra may not be suitable.

Refuse imitations, Eve’s Bra is the one and only original non silicone self-adhesive bra.

Adhesive bra features:

  • Backless & strapless
  • Can be worn over and over!
  • Zip-up carry case included
  • Jojoba Gel for use when Eve's Bra requires a deep clean (may be supplied in bottle or sachet format)
  • Best value, best quality adhesive bra
  • Small pads built in for extra push-up / enhancing effect
Some adhesive bra fitting tips:
  1. Clean all skin area to ensue no residue of lotion or other cosmetic products
  2. Ensure skin is dry before application
  3. Experiment with the positioning and look (prior to fitting)
  4. Offer cups to the bust firmly, ensuring positioning is snug
  5. Smooth down to ensure a complete application
  6. Remove your Eve's Bra before retiring
  7. Click here to see fitting detail
  8. Please follow the user instructions fully.

Adhesive Bra's are single user products: Please do not share. Once the protective film has been removed, adhesive bra's cannot be returned for exchange or refund.

Please ensure you purchase the correct Cup Size as for your regular Bra fitting.

Tip: Do a trial fitting run with the protective film attached to ensure you have purchased the correct size for your needs.

BoobyBits says...

Lingerie Solutions Body Sculpting Backless Strapless Bra from John Lewis (see above) is probably the finest quality adhesive bra product of this type. Works best with non oily skin types. Product can be cleaned and replenished using the supplied special cleaning fluid.
A super quality adhesive backless, strapless bra offering the ability to create an amazing cleavage and / or great push-up effect - hot!


Customer comment

"I just had to call and tell you how pleased I was not only with your excellent service but with my new Eve's Bra... I ordered Friday lunchtime and received in time to wear to the ball on Saturday; Oh my goodness, I am so chuffed, I couldn't praise this product enough - I think it's absolutely brilliant, it made my night. Many thanks"

Q: HELP! I want a killer cleavage but cant seem to get the look I need! 

A: It's Eve's Dream Bra to the rescue! OK, firstly, take time to experiment with positioning before fitting. Adhesive stick on bra's such as Eve's Dream Bra are designed to be fitted and re-fitted many times so do not despair if it doesn't look right fist time! Stand in front of a large mirror so that you can see clearly what you are doing. In order to achieve the perfect cleavage you will need to attach to the extreme side of the breasts with the bra in a sort of 'V' position (looking directly in the mirror) - once you have the cups attached, pull them together and fasten - absolutely fab!!


Tip: Find your 'ideal fit' with the protective backing film still in place: Hold the two halves of Eve's Bra to your bust and try pushing together, etc, this will give you an idea of where you will best need to finally attach.

Click here for fitting illustration

Eve's Bra is Voted best value, best quality adhesive bra product by BoobyBits*  

* After testing and trialling similar products over a 3 year period.


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