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Breast Enlargement Pump


By popular demand BoobyBits has located a selection of vacuum powered breast enlargement pumps.

Although considered somewhat a novelty, It is a known fact that the expansion caused by using a vacuum powered device will cause a permanent increase over time. Real tissue expansion occurs when the device is used on a regular basis. This technique can cause the area to gain in volume over time and with repeated, dedicated use.

Use only as direct with the items supplied instructions to gradually enhance the bust and cause a permanent increase in size.

With advent of the high quality Brava(trade mark) vacuum powered breast enlarging system being proven to increase breast size, it wasn't long before a lower priced option was made available. As with any system of this sort, some patience and dedication is required to get results.


Pump 'em up baby!

Q: Okay, I need to know if breast enlargement pumps work?  

A: Well, the short answer is yes, they do. However, it is a slowish process and some dedication and commitment is necessary to see results over the longer term. One cannot expect to pump up ones breast a couple of times to get a permanent ultra low cost boob job!

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