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Silicone Breast Enhancers...

Use electronic bra inserts to boost your natural bust

Novelty Electronic Bra inserts

Cute little enhancers with a buzz.

These cute little electronic enhancers can be used for subtle enhancement just like regular enhancers OR 'turn them on' for a different effect!  

With 2 small button batteries, these little chaps are said to actually enlarge the bust due to subtle vibration restructuring the breast tissue.

Claims have been made of up to a 2 cup size increase - why not give them a go and let us know what your experience was of using Breast builders?

Each pair comes complete with a cute red velvet style draw string carry bag.

Can be used in the bra as with any regular enhancer, there is no need for Breast Builders to be switched on unless you want to!

Customer comment:  

I was a bit apprehensive wondering if they would really work but when I took them out and saw the results, I was amazed!

Now supplied with 2 sets of batteries!





Size WxH : 3.75" X 1.25" (9cm X 3.5cm approx)
Volume : 50cc approx.
Weight : 50g approx. (pair inc batteries)
Style : Crescent Shape electronic enhancers
Size guide : Use with A, B & C cup bras'
Power : 2 X L1154 Buton cell batteries (2 sets supplied)



Next working day delivey available

Fitting / using Instructions:

  1. Place electronic enhancers inside your bra cups, underneath the breast close to the bra underwire.
  2. Adjust for final placement according to your preference
  3. Adjust your natural breast and bra for a perfect fit
  4. Choose to switch On or Off as desired!
  5. Running times will vary according to use.
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Electronic Breast Enhancers can boost your boobs with the Buzzzz!

Keep an eye our for little pearls of wisdom!

Q: What's the best way to tell if my Bra is the right size?  

A: 1) The bra band should be snug, but not too tight.

2) It should be a comfortable fit using the middle set of hooks to fasten.

3) You should be able to insert 2 fingers under the band at the back without discomfort.

4) If the band rides up in the back, the bra is too large - have a fitting to obtain your correct bra size!    5) The centre portion should sit against the chest - if this sticks out away from your chest, get a fitting, treat yourself to some new Bra's!

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