Braza Whisper reusable stick on cleavage bras available in a and b cup sizes
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Flash Tape. Dress Hold Up Tape. Keep that revealing little number under control and prevent embarassing pop-outs!


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Disposable Adhesive Bra's
Re-Usable adhesive cleavage enhancing adhesive bra

Strapless Bra's

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Braza size:
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Size WxH :

Cleavage Cup Bra format

Material : 100% Polyester with silicone adhesive
Weight : N/A
Style : Reusable adhesive Bra and regular
Size : Most sizes available see below:


Fitting Instructions for adhesive bra's:
  1. As per the enclosed instructions, perform a test before finally applying for your 'evening out'.
  2. Clean skin to ensue no residue of perspiration, lotion or other cosmetic products
  3. Ensure skin is dry before application
  4. Experiment with the position and look prior to final fixing.
  5. Carefully remove from product the 'keeper board' and offer each cup to the bust firmly, ensuring positioning is snug and exactly what you require to produce the desired affect. Do not rush this stage.
  6. Gently smooth each cup down fully to ensure proper application
  7. Remove Braza Whisper before retiring. You may wish to apply some some quality skin lotion after using / removing
  8. Carefully place both parts of the Whisper Bra back onto the keeper Board.


Adhesive Bra's are single user products. Once opened / used these cannot be returned for exchange or refund.

Note: Adhesive products are not recommended for use with very sensitive skin types so please read the instructions fully.

Please ensure you purchase the Correct Cup Size as for your regular Bra fitting.

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Braza Whisper with Backless dress
BoobyBits says...

Applying an adhesive bra for the first time may take a little practice so it may be worth experimenting before you actually need to wear them / it. This product can actually provide a good level of bust support and is great when a completely backless look is required. It is Important to make sure the skin is dry and free of any lotions or conditioners before using and be sure to read all indtructions completely.

Braza Bra, the leader for over 18 years!

Q: Help, I want to stop my dress from becoming over revealing at the dance! Is there a quality, reliable product I can use to keep it's plunging neckline sort of in place and my boobies covered? I am aware there are some adhesive products available but I don't want my designer dress ruined by sticky tape - what can I do, I love to dance but absolutely don't want to risk popping out!

A: Yes, I always recomend Flash Tape as it's body and clothing safe. Many women have discovered and now rely upon this product to provide a little modestly whilst wearing a truly revealing dress! However, there is another even better product which can offer the bonus of discrete nipple concealment, moderate support for your boobies and keep your fabulous dress secure - take a look at the Amazing Braza Reveal

The amazing Braza Reveal!

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