Braza Reveal sheer adhesive bra for a, b and c cups for backless dresses and tops
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Adhesive Bra's
Braza Reveal and NEW 'Clear' for A, B & C Cup fittings

Braza Reveal Bra

Braza reveal beigeSingle Use Adhesive Bra's with FREE dress hold-up tapes.

Braza Reveal Bra, high quality adhesive Bra.

Feather-light, yet extremely reliable adhesive bras designed to lift & support the bust from the top, offering enough stretch to conform to your individual shape. The exclusive lace-like material breathes and moulds to your individual shape. Unlike similar products, Braza adhesive bra's have air holes – keeping you comfortable regardless of the weather.
Braza Reveal Bra is a fantastic option for women who want control and support without the visibility and restriction imposed by a regular bra. An ideal choice when wearing very slinky, revealing outfits.

Product features :

  • Pack contains 5 Braza Reveal Bra's & 20 'Dress Hold-Up' tapes.
  • Can be used to pull breast up for a more pert appearance.
  • Light, airy, comfortable, water-resistant and absolutely reliable.
  • Since Braza bra are waterproof, you can wear whilst swimming.
  • Braza Reveal can be cut before applying so that the nipples are not covered or to reduce product size if so desired.
Original Braza Reveal Beige:
One Pack of 5 pairs with Dress Hold-Up tapes
£9.49 Next working day delivey available
Two packs of 5 pairs with Dress Hold-Up tapes
£17.98 Next working day delivey available
See the NEW Braza Reveal Clear below


Braza Reveal is a 'One Size' product suitable for the following:

Bra cup size:
To fit band sizes:
A cups:
32, 34, 36, 38, 40 & 42
B cups:
32, 34, 36, 38 & 40
C cups:
32, 34, 36 & 38
**Not recommended for larger than c cup sizes**



Biege and NEW Clear

Size WxH :

Available to fit A, B & C Cups

Material :

100% Rayon

Weight : N/A
Style : Single use adhesive Bra Cups
Reveal Fitting Instructions (both regular and Clear):
  1. Clean skin to ensue no residue of perspiration, lotion or other cosmetic products.
  2. Ensure skin is dry before application.
  3. Experiment with the positioning and look prior to finally removing adhesive backing.
  4. Carefully remove backing tape, keeping some gentle tension whilst offering 'Reveal' cups to the bust firmly. Follow this step closely to prevent wrinkling and to stop sticking to itself. Ensure positioning is correct and level on both sides.
  5. Gently smooth down to ensure proper application.
  6. Use Dress tapes (included) to secure garment.
  7. Remove your Reveal Bra before retiring.

Braza Bra is a single user product: Please do not share. Once opened / used Braza Bra cannot be returned for exchange or refund.

Note: Adhesive products are not recommended for use with sensitive skin types.

Please ensure you purchase the correct Cup Size as for your regular Bra fitting.

Click on images below
Wearing Braza Reveal Beige
Braza reveal and dress tape positioning

BoobyBits says...

The finest support option for plunging neckline and low front dresses bar none!

The Braza Reveal represents a leap forward in lightweight adhesive bra development. We believe this is a perfect solution for small to medium bust sizes when wearing the most fashionable and revealing of dress styles (when a 'regular bra' with all its straps would spoil the look). Our Verdict 10/10!

Braza Reveal Bra, class leader for over 18 years!

Q: If I only wear nipple covers (and bikini bottoms) at the beach, would this still be classified as going topless? 

A: The answer is probably yes; you may need to choose your beach with care as some couples with younger children may be offended and in some countries you could actually get yourself into quite serious trouble; be fined or worse... This is a little tricky, we are not sure if covered nipples would be enough for any prevailing legal or regulatory requirement regarding exposure, etc. We think you could get away with this in the UK at most of the 'trendy' beaches that actually accept topless and even full nudity - do your research.

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