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Braza Cleavage Curves Foam Breast Enhancers

Braza Cleavage PadsBraza Cleavage Curves are a new lightweight enhancer ideal for use with many bra and dress styles to enhance cleavage
Recommended for bust sizes ‘A’ to ‘B’ and can give around a 1/2 cup size enhancement.
Suitable for underwire, pushup or plunge bras.

To enhance cleavage wear in your regular bra size.

Soft and gentle, Cleavage Curves conform to your bra and bust shape for a perfect result.

The perfect lightweight foam bra insert.





Size WxH :

4-1/2" x 2-1/2"  (11cm x 6cm approx)

Volume : 60cc.
Weight : 50g (pair) approx.
Style : Crescent shaped foam enhancer
Size guide : Suitable for A to B Cup fitting
Material : Soft Polyurethane foam

Fitting Instructions:

  1. The enhancer should sit under the breast to the side.
  2. Adjust your natural breast and bra so there is a full and smooth line in the bra cup with the enhancer close to the bra underband.
  3. Can fit directly into bra's with built-in pockets
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Braza Cleavage Curves placement
NEW Braza Cleavage Curves Bra Inserts for a great cleavage

BoobyBits says...

What a fabulous little product! You wouldn't know you were wearing these cute little bra inserts as they are so lightweight. They add really useful boost but barely any additional weight!

Read Booby Tips - learn how to tweak your cleavage!

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Q: Is it OK if my foam bra inserts get wet, for example swimming?

A: Yes, foam enhancers can get wet without being damaged! In fact, it is possible to gently hand wash them using some warm soapy water, just squeze them out after and then let them drip / air dry.

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