Braza add a size strapless lightweight foam breast enhancers with adhesive bra
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Braza Add A Size Strapless. Lightweight Foam Bust Enhancers complete with 2 pairs of Braza Bra adhesive bra's

Braza Add A Size Strapless Foam Enhancers

Braza Add A size Strapless Breast Enhancer BraBraza Add A Size Strapless are a fabulous lightweight foam enhancer combined with the famous Braza Bra single use adhesive bra. Ideal for wearing with revealing evening dresses, etc where a regular bra would spoil the look.
Recommended for bust sizes ‘B’ to ‘D’ and can give around a 1-cup size strapfree enhancement.

Pack includes:

  • 1 pair of Add A size Foam Enhancers
  • 2 pairs of Braza Bra single use adhesive bra's (can be cut with scissors to suite your requirement)

Replacement Braza Bra's are available





Size WxH :

5-1/2" x 3-1/2"  (14cm x 9cm approx)

Volume : 120cc.
Weight : 50g (pair) approx.
Style : Shaped foam enhancer with Braza Adhesive Bra
Size guide : B to D Cup fitting
Material : Polyurethane foam enhancers


Fast delivey available

Fitting Instructions:

  1. The skin should be cleaned to remove any oils or lotions completely.
  2. The contoured part of the Add A Size enhancer should sit under the breast.
  3. Take time to experiment with the positioning of the Braza Adhesive Bra before finally placing.
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Braza Bra and Add A Size
Add A Size Strapless is ideal with backless dresses and tops
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BoobyBits says...

This combination is a 'lethal weapon' for those wanting a bra-less option which gives support and enhancement at the same time! Ideal for B to D cup sizes, for use with those backless and / or strapless numbers - the adhesive bra can be trimmed for a good fit according to your size.

Not suitable for dresses with a low or plunging neckline. In these cases we would recommend the Braza Reveal.

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Q: Is it okay to massage my boobs - I hear that this can be a good idea to get rid of toxins or some such?

A: Gentle massage all around your upper neck and shoulder area and yes including your boobs can be a very helpful way of releasing toxins from the upper lymph system. Around 10 mins of gentle massage will be fine and should incorporate the shoulders, underarms and neck to be most effective - a pleasurable experience for two. Breast massage should be done gently, in a sort of smoothing action using the fingers and/or the palms of the hand. It is useful to add a little skin friendly lotion, oil or talc to help the fingers glide more easily. Aim for this maybe once or twice a week to indeed be rid of any toxins that may be getting stored in your upper lymph system.

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