Use the avent niplette to cure inverted, small or flat nipples

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Niplette a cure for small, flat or inverted nipples

Avent Twin Niplette

The Avent Twin NipletteInverted nipples - the problem...

A source of frustration and/or embarrassment for many women whether for cosmetic reasons or when causing difficulties with breastfeeding. The Inverted nipple is evident as a slit or hole in the breast at the location of the nipple. It is normally possible to pull the nipple out manually but in some cases the inversion is so severe it is not possible for the nipple(s) to become even partially erect*. Flat or inverted nipples can present a special problem for women wishing to breastfeed as this condition can make it very difficult or even impossible for baby to latch on.

* If the degree of inversion is very severe it may not be possible to use the Niplette to effect a cure. In these cases please consult with your G.P.

** If one or both nipples have become inverted 'out of the blue' or over a period of several weeks or months where previously the nipple(s) were not inverted we recommend that you consult with your G.P without delay - sudden inversion can indicate a condition requiring prompt medical attention.

How does the Avent Niplette cure inverted nipples?

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Philips / Avent Niplette represents a modern soloution to an age old problem...

The unique and revolutionary Avent Niplette® provides a permanent cure for inverted nipples. Through gentle suction the Avent Niplette® pulls the nipple out into a small plastic thimble-like cup. In a matter of weeks of continued wear the nipple inversion can be fully corrected.
Your secret...

Worn tucked into your bra day or night, no one will know as the Avent Niplette® painlessly sucks your nipple out into a small thimble-shaped cup. Your skin tissue is gradually stretched and in one to three months of continuous wear, your nipple(s) will look perfectly normal and will be able to become erect in response to stimulation.
A Non Surgical solution...

Until recently, the only effective method of correction was surgery, involving sectioning of the lactiferous ducts under local anaesthetic. Though surgery can achieve a good cosmetic correction, it effectively destroys breast function and therefore rules out breastfeeding for good. High costs also make it a less than ideal solution. Some women also complain of a drastic loss of sensitivity which is of course an important consideration. Thank goodness for Niplette!


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Niplette basic user Instructions:

  1. Ensure nipples are clean and free from any growing hairs
  2. Attaching Niplette to nippleUsing thumb and forefinger gently tease out the nipple until partially erect
  3. Nipple drawn out into the Niplette Place the 'Niplette' over the nipple with attached syringe (as instructions), pull syringe to expel air and then detach
  4. Use supplied bra pad to conceal niplette

Please read supplied instructions before using this product.


  1. Remove Niplette if unwelcome discomfort is experienced in use. Wearing time may need to be increased / built up to over time until one is used to using
  2. Do not use if nipples are sore or you are experiencing any discomfort which is out of character for you (consult your GP)
  3. Niplette can be used to correct inverted nipples in readiness for breast feeding: Not recommended for use towards the end of pregnancy when birth is imminent.
  4. Occasionally, users may notice a discharge from the nipple when using, this is normal and is due to the suction produced by the Niplette. One may have to refrain from using temporarily if discharge persists.
  5. If necessary, the Niplette can be cleaned by inserting into warm soapy water and flushing through using the supplied syringe
  6. You can use soothing nipple cream (see above) to keep your nipples super supple and in fabulous condition
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Expelling air from Niplette using syringe
The Avent Twin Niplette with packaging and bra pads Avent Niplette user instructions
Some of our customer testimonials...

Cheryl from the USA regarding the Niplette wrote:
Hi Tara,

Just letting you know I received my order today. These are truly incredible, I am amazed at what happened when I applied them. This is the answer to my prayers. Thank you & God bless you. Cheryl.

Julia from the UK regarding the Niplette wrote: 

This wonderfully simple yet effective device is superb!  Although I had been vaguely aware of the product for years I was under the impression that it was used solely to draw out inverted nipples - for some reason it never occurred to me that it would be just as effective for enlarging flat ones, and I can't understand why the manufacturers don't make this clear on the packaging (especially when long nipples seem to be in fashion at the moment!)

As you rightly point out, there is no need to continue using Niplette until the nipples completely fill the suction cups - after two months near-continuous use my "goose-bump" nipples are now just under half an inch long, and don't look disproportionately big on my 36C bust.  Any woman who has suffered agonies of embarrassment in communal showers and changing rooms will understand how my self-confidence has been boosted - in fact I recently posed for some photos at the age of 43 and my nipples look great in profile!  This is a marvellous little product and I really can't praise it highly enough... 


Jen from Canada regarding the Niplette wrote:

Hello, I received my order yesterday: Thank you!

I was just wondering if it is alright to wear the niplettes for longer than the 8 hours suggested? Also, I noticed a slight bruising on one nipple when I woke up this morning. It is not particularly uncomfortable. Is this normal, or should I reduce suction?

Thank you for you assistance (and your fast shipping!)


Jessica wrote:
Niplette has work wonders for me! I'm 17 and after years of self consciousness and a few months of teasing from some boys ( would you believe they could be so heartless? ) I finally confided in my mother who bought the niplette for me. At first my nipples would get suctioned up into the niplette with some pain and return to thier inverted state almost directly afterwards. Although after about a month of using them everynight when I go to bed the started to stay out! It was the best feeling :) now they come out with very little stimulation and are naturally out 50% of the time without any stimulation! I can't stress this enough - try this before any surgery! I was so close to spending all my savings for 5 years on surgery that may be painful or have something go wrong. This is the least dangerous, easiest and cheapest option. One thing I don't understand is the strange clear discharge I get when I use them and dryish skin (easily fixed with lotion) I hope this helped someone,


BoobyBits says:

You may need to start gently with the Niplette and build up to the recommended wearing time as you get used to them. Some discharge is possible and is normally not too significant. It is possible to clean the main parts by flushing warm soapy water through the cup and valve assembly with the supplied syringe.

BoobyBits says...

The Niplette represents a discrete solution for women seeking to correct inverted, flat or small nipples. The Niplette is worn concealed in the bra covered by the soft pads as supplied with the kit. Excellent results are reported by thousands of users after using as directed.

Now you know how to cure your inverted or flat nipples, you can reassure yourself that everything is normal by checking out our article and Embarrassing Bodies video (from the CH4 TV series) on Inverted Nipples here


Q: Not wearing a bra causes the breasts to sag right?

A: No, this is not necessarily true! There is a strong school of thought that says wearing a bra makes the 'Coopers ligaments' (which offer natural support and structure within the breast) weak, actually causing or contributing to premature sagging.

Breasts naturally 'head south' as we age, this cannot be prevented even with regular bra wearing.

Breast which are regularly allowed some 'free time' without a bra, take on a more natural curvy shape as the coopers ligaments are allowed to do their job.

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