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Natural Herbal Breast Enhancement.

Natural herbal breast enhancing products

Herbal Breast Enhancing capsules

St Herb Capsules

Natural herbal breast enlargement capsules.   Natural capsules / pills are a 100% natural blend of special phytoestrogenic herbs traditionally known for their ability to naturally balance female hormones and promote breast size, growth and firmness.

This unique breast enhancing formula has no reported adverse side effects.

Quality natural herbal bust enlarging capsules not only improve the nutritional support of the women's body but if used with good quality enlarging Breast Cream they will speed up the process of enhancing and increasing breast size. Also said to provide menopause relief.

How do natural Breast Enlargement capsules work? 
Phyto-estrogens are simply naturally occurring chemicals that mimic the effects of estrogen. They work by binding to certain ‘docking-sites’ on the cell membrane that are known as estrogen receptors. The female body has millions of receptor sites and, since phyto-estrogens are weaker than estrogen, they will bind to sites not already in use by estrogen. This causes an overall increase in estrogen-like effects, which means firmer, larger breasts for around 85% of the women who are receptive the St Herb herbal breast enhancing cream.

Yes, all natural!

Q: I know that herbal enhancing products may increase my bust size but will they also make my nipples larger?  

A: Some women may notice a moderate increase in nipple size in line with breast growth but we have not recieved any evidence to indicate that nipple size had increased beyond what is considered 'normal'.

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