Petals single use adhesive stick on lace covered nipple covers in skin tone
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Nipple Covers adhesive stick on

Daisies or Petals adhesive nipple covers

Petals or Daisies Single use adhesive nipple covers

Petals Lace Nipple Covers Slightly larger than the ever popular Braza Petal Tops, new 'Petals' have a pretty lace pattern material and represent excellent value in a new bumper 10 pair pack.   A high quality single use cover with a lovely natural skin tone colour which is able to conceal the nipple completely leaving a smooth outline, even with the most figure hugging fashions.   Petals smoothly mould to the breast for a virtually invisible and secure fit. The centre portion is gossamer thin and does not stick to the nipple for maximum comfort. Beautiful lace pattern and of course, Skin friendly adhesive backing.




Skin tone.

Size WxH :

6.5 cm (65mm) accross, approx.

Volume : N/A
Weight : Feather light
Style : Flower shaped single use adhesive nipple covers
Size guide : One size fits all
We found some super deals on daisy / flower shaped single use adhesive stick on nipple covers for you!

Fitting Instructions:

  1. Ensure the skin is clean and free of all potentially greasy cosmetic products.
  2. Standing in front of a mirror, experiment with positioning to achieve the best fit and look.
  3. Peel off the protective backing from your Petals and apply to the nipple area making sure to position correctly for a smooth, wrinkle free finish.
  4. Gently smooth down to ensure product is fully sealed to the skin
  5. Remove your Petals adhesive nipple covers before retiring
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BoobyBits says...

We like adhesive nipple covers as they really can give a smooth profile, and better still, they are tested skin friendly and easy to remove. There is no padded or raised centre portion, just a good looking, gossamer thin fabric. Positioning is crucial, make sure your adhesive nipple covers or daisies are nicely smoothed down for an unbeatable smooth bustline. 10/10.



soothing nipple cream

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Q: I sometimes suffer from dry skin on my breasts and especially around my nipples, what can I do to fix this?

A:We recomend a quality lanolin based nipple cream to moisturise and rejuvenate. However, If this condition becomes persistent, or the skin becomes visibly flaky, becomes reddened, is weeping or your nipples start to feel sore or uncomfortable, we strongly recomend seeking advice from your G.P.

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