Reusable lift up adhesive instant breast lifts for bust and bra sizes A B C cups
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Adhesive Breast Lifts Instant breast lift now available

Instant Breast Lifts

Eve's Breast Lift-Up fitting guideBreast Lifts are a new idea, ideal for giving the bust a more pert, youthful look.

Applied to the breasts in an downward facing crescent, breast lifts are gently pulled up to raise the position of the breast and nipple, giving an instant 'boob job' to a slightly sagging bustline. The only product able to restore a perkier, more youthful looking bustline in just a few moments!


  • Not visible through clothing
  • Does not adhere to nipple
  • Quick to fit for moderate support and uplift
  • Silicone adhesive; Can be re-used
  • Breast Lifts gives natural enhancing effect
  • A to Cups

Note: *Adhesive products are not recommended for use with very sensitive skin types.




Clear / transparent

Size WxH :

12cm X 8cm

Material : Polyurethane 90%, Paper 5%, Silicone adhesive 5%
Weight : 1-3g approx. ea.
Style : Featherweight adhesive breast lifts
Size : To suit A, B & C Cup Sizes
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Before and after fitting
Basic Fitting Instructions:
  1. Clean all skin area to ensue no residue of lotion or other cosmetic products
  2. Ensure skin is dry before application
  3. Experiment with the positioning (prior to fitting)
  4. Apply to area just below and around nipple area (see pictures) and gently pull up before setting in desired position and smoothing down.
  5. Smooth down to ensure a complete application
  6. Remove Adhesive Breast Lifts before retiring
  7. Click here to see fitting illustration
  8. Watch short video to see example of fitting (below)
  9. Breast Lifts are not recommended for regular daily use as a means to provide bust support but are ideal for occasional use when a regular bra would spoil the look you are aiming to create.

N.B: Once the protective film has been removed, Adhesive breast lifts cannot be returned for exchange or refund.

Please ensure you purchase the correct item for your needs.

Note: *Adhesive products are not recommended for use with sensitive skin types or regular / contiuous daily use as a substitute for a regular bra.

BobbyBits Says...

Adhesive Breast Lifts are a great alternative product to use when you need to temporarily perk up your bustline. Use when you need a bra-less or 'natural' look without droop when wearing a revealing dress.

Q: I like to go 'bra-less' occasionally but I don't like the way my boobs sag, is there anything I can use to give some support without wearing a bra! 

A: Yes. Adhesive Breast Lifts may be an option for you.

It's amazing how something so simple can be used to such great effect, these products are absolutely fab!!

Breast Lifts are applied to the breasts just above and around the nipple and before finally sticking down, the top portion is used to 'pull up' or 'lift' the breast so that the overall position is higher. This really works; within a few seconds your bustline can look pert and younger! Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions and check if your skin is okay with adhesive products before using

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