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Breast Asymmetry. If only everything in life was equal

View a short video from the Ch4 Embarrassing Bodies series below regarding breast asymmetry or unequal breast size...

Most women find they have a slight variation in their breast size. In the vast majority of cases this is of no concern and has no impact on ones appearance and does not effect choosing or fitting a bra. However, a for many women the difference can be significant enough to cause problems with bra fitting. The simple answer in many cases is to use a Bra Insert with the smaller breast. In cases where breast asymmetry is greater than one or two cup sizes a procedure as detailed above may be appropriate. Watch a shot video from the Embarrassing Bodies Ch4 TV series::



Customer question:

Q: I am wearing a strapless bridesmaid dress in about a week and the strapless bra I bought make my boobs look 'bulgy'. I want support without any straps. I am basically a 34E, but some of my bras are DD. I have been looking at your Braza Bra Single Use Adhesive Bra's and also your Eve's Bra. I'm not sure if they'll do the trick. What should I do?

A: Thank you for your question. From what you have said, we feel Braza Bra - a great strapless backless bust support option!that the Braza Bra in the 'DD' cup size may actually suite your needs as it is quite generous. However, because you say your 'strapless bra' make your boobs look bulgy, it is possible that you are actually an 'E' cup or even bigger! Maybe it's time to get your bust professionally measured?
Eve's Dream Bra is a little smaller with a maximum cup size: 'D'; and probably a little too small for your DD / E cup bust. Having said that, it is possible to do a 'dry run' with this product to test suitability by NOT removing the adhesive protective coverings. Hold the cups (fairly) tightly to your bust to simulate attachment; place in different positions to what effect(s) you can achieve.


Inverted Nipples

We are often asked if it is normal when nipples appear to point slightly inwards into the breast or look as though they have slits or holes in the centre. It is though to affect around 1 in 10 women and the reason this occurs is not entirely clear but may be based on the speed of breast development in some cases. The important thing to remember here is that whilst one may not consider this condition to be sexy or 'normal' it is purely cosmetic and can be fixed with a little determination. Normally the inversion or 'undersize' in the case of small nipples can be easily addressed using the Avent / Philips Niplette.

There is an important footnote here... I must stress that it is NOT normal for one or both nipples to become inverted 'out of the blue' where once the nipples were normally semi erect or protruding or had been normal up until a certain point in time. One nipple becoming inverted over a short space of time say a month for example could indicate a medical condition requiring immediate investigation by your GP. This refers to a definite visible change in how the nipple appears not just that the nipple(s) is / are resting and flattened. Watch a shot video from the Embarrassing Bodies Ch4 TV series::









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